It all started in the kitchen

Well lets see how this works out.

Many people(Africans) see cooking as a woman’s job. Who thinks like that? of course the African man.  Growing up I always know that  I have to be a good cook…….. I will take that again; a very good cook bla bla bla…….. hahahahahahaahahah I guess these things are just thanks to our traditional believes and customs which made women ” second class citizens” I really dont have  a problem with men…………….  anyways that’s by the way.

my love for the kitchen is natural. I see cooking as a hobby and a “passe temps” not some sort of punishment for being a girl.

the traditional kitchen

In my kitchen I will present you with simple step by step recipes for the dishes I can make. still working on learning some other dishes and fitness tips.

I will also be talking to you people on my opinion about certain topics I find sensitive. like gender inequality and gender base violence. But before I post any more I will like to write something for you Mum.

I am very sure when I got angry with her for refusing me to use her vegetable oil she was write. She obviously thought I was wasting it. Hahahahahahaahahah but what was I even going to cook at that time? all what I will be putting on this site is thanks to my mother and God mother.

I may not be a poet but before I move further I will write u my own poem. who cares if it rhymes hihihihih



Final year student of the university of buea. studying journalism and mass communication. I wish to use this site as a tool to aid in my study of online journalism as a practical tool to de course and be a better blogger.

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